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The WCM Pops Octet is the only group of its kind in the city, and this enthusiastic group can’t face winter without singing together – pandemic or not. So, the group has been re-engineered into as many groups of 8 as we have singers to fill them. We’re still taking COVID-19 extremely seriously, and following all guidelines for sanitizing and social distancing – but can’t we have a little fun too? Our school building is spacious, so we can do it! We even have special singers’ masks available to purchase for only $10.

This group rehearses with three professional musicians on piano, bass, and drums. A fun-filled evening for those who love to sing folk, pop and jazz. If you like an energetic and enthusiastic group to sing and play with then this is the one for you. The Pops Octets perform (virtually if necessary) at WCM Coffeehouses, Holiday and Spring Choral Concerts and other venues.

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