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This course is designed for students whose goal is to explore music history for the sake of becoming better musicians. The study of composers and representative musical works from four of the major eras in music history—Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern, students will give students a deeper appreciation for the music they perform and hear at concerts.

Classes will include lectures, guided listening, discussion, concert attendance (optional), and–as an added bonus–guest artist performances!

This course will primarily use the Level 9 RCM History textbook but will be supplemented by other sources examining historical events as well as stories drawn from the personal experiences of the instructor to help students see how music is not something cut off from the present but continues as a living tradition. Students who would like to prepare for the official RCM Level 9 History exam will have that option but preparation for the exam is not mandatory to enjoy this course!

All music lovers welcome!

Day: Saturday

Time: 11:00am-12:30pm

Length: 25 weeks

Tuition: $450

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