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“Do You Speak Music?” is a theory course designed for adult students who want to deepen their understanding of music and score reading. This course will develop understanding of music theory as the grammar of the musical language and will develop understanding of how the building blocks of pitch and rhythm are organized. Ear training and rhythm studies will form an integral part oft the course.

Day: Saturdays

Time: 12:45pm-1:45pm

Length: 36 weeks

Tuition: $425

This class is designed for the beginning and continuing adult music theory student to learn in a fun and friendly environment. Each student will be guided individually and given class time to practice their skills under the supervision of the instructor. The classroom set up encourages interaction with other students and frequent question and answer time as a group. Every student may work at their own pace in this class while receiving weekly instruction and collegial encouragement. (Maximum capacity: 5 students)

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